891950_10200096520713494_1791031929_oJoyce Harris began her love affair with tea and herbs while living in England with her family about 30 years ago. In a small village, afternoon tea with other Mums in the close after walking to fetch their children from school became a common event and although she grew up drinking tea, it took on a completely new dimension. In addition, their temporary home included an herb garden and she just had to learn what to do with them!

Upon returning to the United States, her initial fascination with herbs continued as she planted her own herb gardens and then added herbs to the plants available from the nursery business that she owned and operated from 1994 to 2005. After purchasing a tea business from a customer and friend, she became fascinated with blending herbal teas or tisanes. Starting with the tea recipes she received with the business, she began experimenting herself, including her new favorites – Rooibos and Honeybush – as a base for all of her tisanes. The rest is, as they say, history. From 2006 to 2009, she owned and operated a shop specializing in her organic gourmet products including herbal teas and culinary herb blends plus “sample of the month” clubs with newsletters, local classes and group presentations. These allowed her to share her herbal knowledge plus her passion for tea, cooking and gardening.

Also known as The Herbal Gourmet, she is a certified tea specialist with a love for everything herbal and currently provides educational and entertaining demonstrations and presentations in order to share her experience and information on the use of the herbs, including tea, that God has provided in our world. She also currently writes a blog on tea, the uses of herbs and gourmet gardening plus a hint of blessing at www.herbalblessing.blogspot.com plus a new blog with inspiration for others one cup at a time at www.acupofblessing.blogspot.com.